Celebrating Pride at Sky Lagoon

Reykjavík Pride is a 6-day festival celebrating culture, joy, and diversity. This colorful event brings people together every year to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and support universal human rights. 

To celebrate and support, the Sky Lagoon team will host pop-up events, decorate, support and make some permanent changes for the better.

We look forward to celebrating with you at Sky Lagoon.

Happy Pride week!

August 4)
The Queer Choir Sings at Sky Lagoon

The first event takes place on August 4th at 6:30 pm where Hinseginn Kórinn — the Queer choir — will perform in the lagoon singing a capella for Sky Lagoon guests.

August 5)
A Mini Pride Parade at Sea

In collaboration with Ýmir Sailing Association, a special pride parade at sea will take place on August 5th at 12 am and again at 16 pm. Boats and kayakers will sail past Sky Lagoon waving the vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ flags, visible from the infinity edge.

Sky Lagoon's Pledge to Pride 2022

The Sky Lagoon Team sees Pride Week not only as a celebration but also as a reminder and an opportunity to do better and we would to take this moment to make our own special Pride Pledge.

  • We pledge to always do our best in making everyone feel as welcome at Sky Lagoon. Our Sky changing rooms are gender neutral and we have redone the restroom signs to accommodate all. If guests who have purchased Pure tickets with public changing rooms don’t identify as male or female or aren’t comfortable within the gendered changing rooms, just let the team know and we will upgrade the guest at no extra cost.
  • Front-line team members will now be encouraged to wear their pronouns on their name tags and the team’s email signatures will be updated to match. We pledge to make our guests as well as our current and future team feel included, valid and welcome. With increased visibility, we can all do better.
  • In collaboration with Pink Iceland, the leading LGBTQI+ travel and wedding expert in Iceland, our team will take a course by the end of 2022 on equality and LGBTQ+ matters with a particular focus on how to welcome all our guests safely, with respect, and warmth.
  • We pledge to provide the Pride Reykjavík committee, who are all volunteers, gift cards to Sky Lagoon to enjoy a much-deserved relaxation after all their hard work.
  • We pledge to provide financial and/or collaborative support to Reykjavík Pride, the Queer Choir and National Queer Associations of Iceland.
  • We will take every opportunity to show support and make our pride stance visible in our space to all our guests.
  • We pledge to do our part. We are proud to do our part.

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